Who's Who at Qube

Servan Keondjian; Managing Director

Servan Keondjian, 47, was building computers before he was 10 and writing 3D software at 15. He completed a degree in pure physics at Imperial College, London before impressing the legendary British game developer Magnetic Scrolls with his programming skills. Following several years at Scrolls, Servan was faced with a choice between programming and music. He played keyboard in his group, The Big Truth Band, which was rapidly gaining a following. The 3D bug continued to bite and Servan formed RenderMorphics in 1992, initially working with Hugh Steers, Scrolls' first programmer, and later with Doug Rabson.

As the Big Truth Band disintegrated his former band mates went on to work with acts like Faithless, Dido and Stiltskin while RenderMorphics rapidly became a world leader in cutting edge 3D graphics technologies with the widely acclaimed Reality Lab technology. Microsoft bought RenderMorphics in 1995 and Servan subsequently headed up the DirectX 3D team at Microsoft responsible for integrating 3D graphics into Windows 95.

Jamie Fowlston; Director, Tools & Technology

Jamie, 40, started programming at six and was soon writing games for his brothers on the Oric 1. He won a scholarship to Winchester College, studied at Merton College, Oxford and more recently spent three years at Reflections playing a leading role in creating Driver and Stuntman - something that an English public school and Oxbridge education had prepared him for perfectly.