Management team

Jamie Fowlston
Managing Director

Jamie's three years experience at Reflections working on Driver and Stuntman gave him the opportunity to cover many aspects of games production, much of it in a leadership position. Both titles received great acclaim from the press, industry and games players alike, with Driver alone selling over 5 million units.

Here at Qube, Jamie continued to work on game technology including advanced AI, camera and character control, physics and animation techniques.

In 2003, Jamie took over the management of Qube's generic tools and middleware technologies.

In 2008, with Qube focusing solely on its tools and middleware business, Jamie took over the reins of the company from Servan.

  • Driver: programmer for AI, scripting, graphical subsystems, optimization and camera systems
  • Stuntman: lead PS2 graphics engine programmer, physics programmer
Servan Keondjian

In 1992 Servan founded RenderMorphics, a company specializing in cutting edge 3D graphics technologies. RenderMorphics rapidly became a world leader in its field with the widely acclaimed Reality Lab technology.

Microsoft bought RenderMorphics in 1995 with the aim of incorporating the Reality Lab technology into Windows 95. Servan subsequently headed up the DirectX 3D team at Microsoft responsible for integrating 3D Graphics into Windows 95.

Servan founded Qube in 1998, to develop a technical solution to the scalability problems of realtime 3D middleware technologies. The result is Q Technology.

In 2008, Servan passed Qube on to Jamie, to concentrate on Earthsim.

  • Senior Engineer and Development Lead, Direct3D team for Windows
  • CEO
  • Senior Engineer, Reality Lab 3D Graphics Library
Doug Rabson

Doug Rabson was co-founder and senior engineer at RenderMorphics. Doug was subsequently employed by Microsoft and was one of the main architects of the integration of the RenderMorphics technology into Microsoft Windows. Doug has had extensive experience in the fields of languages, compilers, real time systems and, more recently, in 3D graphics. Doug is a significant contributor to the FreeBSD operating system project and is a former member of the FreeBSD core team.

  • Kernel developer for FreeBSD
  • Ported FreeBSD kernel to the DEC Alpha processor and Intel IA64
  • Developed new dynamic infrastructure for FreeBSD device drivers
  • Senior Engineer Direct3D for DirectX2 and DirectX3
  • Technical Director
  • Senior Engineer, Reality Lab 3D Graphics Library
  • Designed and implemented an object-oriented language similar to Java
Magnetic Scrolls
  • Assembler, Linker, Debugger/Simulator for 68K development
  • Magnetic Windows 2D windowing system