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Q: the framework for building and sharing interactive 3D software

Q is the cross-platform framework for building and sharing interactive 3D applications, engines, tools and technologies. Q is already used in video games, virtual worlds, architectural visualization and medical products on platforms ranging from PlayStation 2 to DX11 PCs.

Everything in Q is built using plug-ins. Whatever your project calls for, it can be achieved cleanly and efficiently, by combining standard and custom plug-ins, and configuring Q's data pipelines to support or improve existing workflows.

Q's plug-in model opens up new ways to build and monetize real-time 3D software: license plug-ins from other developers to accelerate development; license on the plug-ins you develop to recover costs.

With Q, you can unify the tools and runtimes for all your projects on a single software platform, without compromising your creativity.

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Featured customer projects

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NearLondon screenshot
Spearhead screenshot
Peppa Pig: The Game screenshot
Quiz games from Candella

Developed by Earthsim. Public beta available now on Windows DX10 and DX11.

Earthsim 2 is an online universe browser. Its content is currently hundreds of light-years across, yet accurate to centimeter resolution. Navigate seamlessly from nearby stars to planet surfaces. High-end DX10 and DX11 rendering features include shadows cast across interplanetary distances and sophisticated per-pixel atmospheric scattering and post-process shaders. Authored content is streamed over the internet, while procedural data generation is distributed across all available CPU cores.

Developed by NearGlobal. Available now on Windows.

NearLondon is a new app for the PC that lets you explore London's West End at unsurpassed levels of accuracy and detail. Every street, every building, every shop, bar, restaurant and office is captured to deliver an experience that is new and compelling.

Near™ lets you explore in a live, social environment that lets you discover and enjoy everything the capital has to offer, in real-time.

Near™ connects seamlessly to your existing Facebook® account to let you share the things you love directly from within the app.

Developed by Games Tiger. Available now on Windows.

A fast, furious and fresh take on the classic Defender, in 3D over a large open terrain. Choose your ship and weapons, and fight the aliens. Build, protect and repair your base while mining for resources.

Spearhead makes extensive use of custom instancing plug-ins to support over 20,000 visible active objects and increase scene detail around the player.

Peppa Pig The Game

Developed by Asylum Entertainment. Available now on Wii from all good retailers.

Peppa Pig is one of the most popular kids cartoons with under 6s, and the game on Wii is a perfect accompaniment to have young children learning as they play.

Using the simple controls of the Wii Remote, kids can join Peppa and George in their favourite games and activities. Choose to play as either Peppa or George and select from a range of 11 different games and activities, including Muddy Puddles, Car Trip, Pancake Flipping, Snowman, Hide and Seek and more!

World Quiz and Medical and Engineering Joint Entrance Quiz

Developed by Candella Software. Available now on PlayStation 2 in India.

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