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Dinosaur World

Released June 2001 on Q 1.0 Technology for Windows: download

Dinosaur World, developed in conjunction with Asylum Entertainment, is the realtime counterpart to the worldwide smash hit television series Walking with Dinosaurs. It is available to download from the BBC website.

Earthsim splash screen Earthsim: the Amazon basin
Earthsim: the Sun and the Moon Earthsim: sunset

Earthsim TV

Version 1.8 released October 2007 on Q 1.1 Technology for Windows: download
Version 2.0 beta on Q 2.0 Technology for Windows DX10 and DX11 available to download

Earthsim TV is an online 3D broadcast channel using Q Technology as its underlying delivery platform. It presents a unified experience merging traditional documentary TV, games and learning into one consistent whole. Earthsim has the potential to become the next generation of truly interactive TV, broadcast over the internet to high performance 3D-enabled consoles and PCs.

Earthsim TV currently features stunning high resolution views of Earth, Moon and Mars that the user can control, complete with mini 3D documentaries.

LEGO Digital Designer

Version 1.6 released May 2006 on Q 1.1 Technology for Windows and OS X

Created and developed by Qube, LEGO Digital Designer (LDD) is the portal to LEGO's online sales portal.

Qube's prototype Q Technology added realtime rendering and an editing UI to a complex LEGO connectivity simulation. The result is an easy to use application which fulfils the virtual building needs of over 2,000,000 LEGO fans.

LDD's innovative click-stick system allows virtual bricks to snap together in a way that enables both children and adults to intuitively build 3D models. There is an active LDD community, and users can share their models through LEGO's 3D Gallery.

LEGO Creator Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Released September 2002 on Q 1.0 Technology for Windows

Creator is targeted at the 6 - 8 age range. Its simple game experience conceals a complex LEGO connectivity simulation which became the core of LEGO Digital Designer.


Delivered August 2003 on Q 1.0 Technology for Xbox

Microsoft paired Qube with Hollywood screenwriters from Sprocketdyne Entertainment to work on Jurassica, a research project to push the boundaries of interactive narrative.

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NearLondon available to download now from the Near website.

Near™ is a development and distribution platform that enables real-time streaming of rich 3D environments and massive user concurrency.

Near™ is being developed in partnership with Qube Software. Near™ clients deliver user experiences at significantly higher quality levels than any virtual world solution on the market today. Near™ is currently developing a showcase application that will demonstrate the quality and flexibility of the platform.

Core features include:

  • Commercial-grade development tools
  • High-quality real-time rendering of complex world environments
  • Social network management tools
  • End-to-end transactional capabilities

Near™ provides tools for users to share and exchange information and content, but does not (at least initially) intend to provide tools for user-generated environments. Near™ is a commercial-grade creative solution targeted at major corporate, non-profit and government customers.

Virgin Interactive Entertainment

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Technomancer character


Delivered February 2001 on Q 1.0 Technology for Windows

Virgin Interactive Entertainment contracted Qube to build a next generation game powered by prototype Q Technology.